Why do we need Government?

I know, my fellow smarty-pants, that some of you instantly yelled “We don’t!” when I posed this question in class. Hopefully, after discussing it in groups, as an entire class and then listening to me talk at you, you now have a different answer.

To follow up on what we discussed, take a look at this video and tell me what you think!

Political Ideology

Politics. It is all around us and we can’t escape it. And really, who would want to?!?

Okay. Maybe there are some things about politics that we would happily see less of. *cough* American elections ads *cough*  Since we are surrounded by politics maybe we should get a clear idea of what certain terms mean. To help us figure out the term “Political Ideology” and what the different ones stand for check out the video from Crash Course. (And yes, I’m aware that it’s American.. but its still some solid information!)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Where did the time go?!? It’s Thanksgiving already!

And speaking of Thanksgiving – have you ever thought about some of our traditions? Where they came from and why we have them? Thanksgiving is something that gets questioned every year. Take a look at the following video and tell me what you think.

Politics and Religion


That’s right. I’m going there. Two topics that you are, apparently, never supposed to discuss and we are doing it in Gr. 12 Politics.

In all seriousness, though. We’ve been discussing how Politics and Religion have been intertwined throughout history. Now that we have some idea of the theory and history of the two, we needed to see a real-world application instead of just vague statements. Therefore, we have started to examine Ireland and The Troubles as a case study.

Be sure to complete the readings (booklets), text readings, and independent research in order to answer the questions posed on the handout. A new documentary called “Born and Reared” is an excellent resource as well! See a clip from it embedded below:

Listening to the Voices of History

Well Gr.10s. It’s been a “heavy” few days, hasn’t it? As we’ve been examining the early 20th Century in Canadian History we certainly haven’t shied away from tough topics! We have talked about The Last Best West Campaign and immigration, racist policies against specific groups of immigrants, the Indian Act, Residential Schools, and Women’s Rights.

When we started the course I said that we were going to look at the good, the bad AND the ugly of Canadian History. Most of you didn’t think there was much that might be called “ugly” in our past. All I can say is… Do you believe me now?!

I answered your questions as best I could. Still, I think it would probably mean more if you heard from the people who were there and those who have been impacted. Watch the following videos and tell me what you think.


An Open Letter to Students

Day one is now in the books and we’re about to start day two.

So… how did it go?

Did you find all of your classes? Meet up with some people in the cafeteria at lunch? Make it all the way home before you fell asleep?

Inquiring minds want to know!

The Gr. 12s and I were talking about education yesterday and I was reminded of a video clip I saw a week ago. To further our conversation… well… maybe I’ll just let John Green talk and then you can tell me what you think after!

Back to School

Is it September already?!?  It feels like summer just started! Ah well.  Hopefully you had a great summer and had a chance to recharge your educational batteries!

I know I’m not the first to say it, but still, WELCOME BACK!  If we’ve shared a class before – good to see you again!  If we are just meeting for the first time – I’m looking forward to working with you this semester and helping you to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

This site is a resource that is designed for you, the student, to use as one more class resource.  You will often find video clips posted on the main blog page that either supplement classroom learning, relate to things we’ve discussed in class, makes reference to events going on in the school community, etc.  To the side you will find links to outside websites/resources that we are using in class and/or may help you complete an assigned task.  Along the top of the blog you will see headings for individual classes – hover over one and you will see a drop down page that has material relevant to that specific class.  For example, e-copies of assignments will posted there.  If you need an extra copy of an assignment or don’t have access to your notes, check the site and view/print yourself a new copy.

I’m looking forward to the semester and hope you are too!


Where did the time go?

I looked at the calendar today and was struck by how quickly the semester went. Where did the time go?!?  Exams start next week and then we’re into summer!

For some of you, we’re about to say goodbye and good luck as you get ready for the stage of your life. It’s scary and exciting and amazing and hard and awesome all at the same time – try to enjoy as much of it as you can and keep reaching for your dreams!

For the rest of you, we’ve got summer to recharge and then we’ll meet up again next year. Yippee!!

First however, we have to get through exams.  Make sure you are aware of when  and where each one of your exams is taking place. Study hard (like, now!), eat breakfast on the day of the exam and finish strong. I believe in you!

Exam Schedule

  • Period 1: June 21st – 11:30 am
  • Period 2: June 22nd – 8:30am
  • Period 4: June 23rd – 8:30 am
  • Period 5: June 24th – 8:30am



The Message in the Song

01_top10protestsongsWell, Grade 10s. It seems that we keep coming back to music in this class, doesn’t it? First we looking at the music of the 1920s and 1930s. Then we looked at the music of the 1950s. And yesterday we were listening to and talking about the music of the 1960s and early 1970s.

Other than proving that I have a “thing” for music, we have seen that our stories – our history – is displayed in our music and songs. I challenged you to find some songs of the 1960s, find out what they were talking about, what it shows us about what was going on at the time & the attitudes of the people, and then share them with the class.We listened to/looked at a few. Can you think of anymore?

The Industrial Revolution

“The Industrial Revolution’s effects did not begin and end with inventions. Advances in technology led to new advances in all sciences.  New sources of power fuelled factories and forever changed the way we live and how we communicate. Cities grew as people from all over the world flocked to the thriving new centers of industry. The world of ideas also moved into the modern age as artists and writers wrestled with the ever-changing industrialized society.”

Miller, Sue. Ed.  World History: The Human Journey. Holt, Rinehart and Winston. Austin, 2003. Pg. 378.